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iPhone 5s
Offering new improvements, the iPhone 5s is more than just an updated iPhone 5. It contains new hardware changes and performance advances. Among other changes, the 5s boasts of a fingerprint sensor that operates using Touch ID. While the new iPhone 5c gets 5 colorful choices: White, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Red, the iPhone 5s gets Gold, Silver, and Space Gray. Those of you looking to save a bit on the latest Apple smartphones, you can use iPhone 5c promo code and iPhone 5s coupons.

Setup Process
Setting up the phone will be simple enough for most users. The graphics are straightforward and instructions carefully detail the process. You only have to adjust to the new sensors near the Home button. The fingerprint sensor requires you to move your finger slightly and lift it up before setting it down on the button. Once it successfully records your fingerprint, it can be used to unlock the device easily. To ensure that your family can use the iPhone 5s, the device is able to store multiple fingerprints. Although it will reject any unauthorized user, it can readily store the fingerprints of your family and friends.

In addition to the new fingerprint lock, the 5s also contains a 64-bit processor. This new processor allows the phone to download and open applications much faster than before. Equipped with a new look, the phone now contains a space gray look that resembles steel. Easy on the eyes, the new appearance update is a welcome change to the former options.

The iPhone has always exceeded expectations when it comes to cameras. With the latest addition to the iPhone lineup, users get the same high-quality photos that they have come to expect from Apple. The iPhone 5s now offers improved software and better quality images. It offers a slow motion video option and dual flash. With the dual flash, users can take pictures in low lighting that have a naturally lit appearance. Flash intensity adjustments and color temperature software give users more than 1,000 different lighting combinations. For action photos, the camera is equipped with automatic stabilization. It contains a larger sensor that is 15 percent bigger. Pixels measure 1.5 microns and the sensors are able to let in more light. For multiple shots, burst mode lets users take 10 photos every second. Once these images are snapped, the phone instantly analyzes and suggests the best shots.

iPhone 5c
CPU Performance
For a better phone, the 5s is equipped with an A7 chip. This increases the CPU and has graphics performance that is twice as speedy as the A6 chip. Due to this chip, the iPhone 5s is now the first smartphone to be 64-bit. Gamers can enjoy the OpenGL ES version 3.0 for better images and textures. To complement the A7 chip, the smartphone is also equipped with an M7 coprocessor. It uses motion data efficiently to work with fitness apps and measure information from the gyroscope and accelerometer. Since the M7 processor is more efficient, it requires less battery power to perform navigation activities. With M7, the smartphone is able to figure out if you are driving or running.

Coupons for iPhone 5c and 5s
Although the iPhone 5c starts at $99 with a new contract, it is still not a cheap phone. But using iPhone 5c coupon codes will save you up to 50% off the regular price. Faster than ever, the new iPhone 5s has the capabilities that you want in a smartphone. It boasts of a speedy processor, improved camera and fingerprinting options. For a smartphone that exceeds expectations, the iPhone 5s is king. Sarting at $199 the iPhone 5s promo code will save you up to $100 off the contract price.


  • M7 coprocessor for navigation and fitness apps
  • Improved images quality and light sensors
  • Fingerprinting technology for unlocking the device
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