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While Motorola phones have always been solid and dependable, they haven’t yet managed to create a smartphone that holds its own against giants like the HTC One or the Samsung Galaxy S4. The Moto X, however, looks like it might change all that. Its sleek, comfortable design and abundance of features make it a game-changer for Motorola. Although it’s priced at the same level as other popular smartphones, you can use Moto X promo code to save up to $199 off the $200 contract price from Verizon Wireless and other carriers.

For one thing, the Moto X abandons the harsh lines and robotic features of its Motorola droid predecessors and goes with a softer, curvier look. The phone has a more comfortable grip and a textured finish, with a specially molded shape that they claim is a better fit for your hand.

Phone users who love customizing their phone’s appearance will adore the Moto X’s take on phone design. Users can choose either white or black as their basic color, but customers will then be able to add custom patterns, hues, accents, engravings, and more for free. It’s a unique innovation that is sure to draw in a new set of customers.

Moto X and Google have worked together to juice up the phone’s operating system, Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. While it’s not the newest Android OS available, it has plenty of little touches that make up for that. For example, Moto X’s focus on what they’ve dubbed “Touchless Control” means that, like the Motorola Droid Mini, Maxx, and Ultra, you can speak your keyword at any time to open Google Now and run voice commands. With Siri, you still have to push a button to get there, but the Moto X is attuned to your voice. All you have to do is say, “OK, Google Now,” to begin commanding the phone with your voice.

Moto X Coupon

There is no need to buy a new digital camera anymore. The Moto X is a huge step forward in terms of camera capabilities for Motorola. Its 10-megapixel camera has much faster speed and better light usage than other smartphone cameras, resulting in clearer images in poor lighting and action shots. The resulting photographs are impressive, with vivid colors, correct exposure, and clear details. You will find Verizon Wireless coupons here work the best for new or existing customers.

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The Moto X has even made it easier than ever to take pictures quickly. If you hate searching for the camera button as you’re trying to capture that perfect moment, you’ll love this intuitive approach. Simply grab your phone, twist it horizontally two times, and your camera will launch. Between this clever revamping of the traditional camera and the impressive speed of the Quick Capture camera app, you can go from the phone in your pocket to a picture on your camera in fewer than three seconds.

One of the biggest concerns for a smartphone is how long the battery lasts. What good is it to have a phone that can do anything if it only lasts a few hours? Fortunately, the Moto X measures up to its big name competitors in this, running a solid 10 hours on heavy usage. Its 2200-mAh battery should easily last a full day on light usage. You won’t need to worry about charging this one several times a day.

Motorola’s newest phone is solid and well-crafted, with plenty of extra features to satisfy its customers. Fans of Motorola or those looking for a smartphone that is capable but uncomplicated will definitely want to pick this one up with Moto X coupon code that offers up to 50% off.

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